Voice and Language

Our voice and language courses will help you express yourself in new ways
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Voice and language are important parts of who we are. Whether it’s having a voice that fits who you are, or being able to speak a language that’s important to your culture or identity, we want to help you master your communication skills.

Our voice and language courses will help you gain mastery over how you sound. You will also be able to choose which language you use to convey yourself. You will find great value in how you communicate with the outside world, who you can talk to, and how you are perceived.

Transgender Voice Course in voice and language training

Healthy Voices is our transgender voice course within our voice and language curriculum.

You might hear it said that your voice is your second face. When you interact in society, you will find this to be very true! How you sound and how you look combine together to give people an idea about who you are. Your sound and appearance are especially important when people try to determine your gender (or what they think your gender might be). While the assumptions of others may be wrong or unfair, you can control how you sound.

Our Healthy Voices class is a 12-lesson course that goes over transgender voice training. You will learn why voices sound masculine, feminine, or androgynous, and how you can change that. How you sound now isn’t a death sentence for how you would like to sound. In this course, you will learn how you can alter your voice. You will also get exercises, example sentences, and poems to practice what you have learned. Get power back over how you want to sound, for yourself and for interacting.

Anna is the teacher of Healthy Voices. She has been a trans vocal coach since 2013, and is the founder of Your Lessons Now. She currently teaches at Trans Vocal Training, for those looking for 1 on 1 lessons with her.

Language – Chinook 101

Our voice and language courses can also help you connect with the heritage and culture of the BC indigenous peoples.
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Chinook is the language of indigenous peoples in British Columbia. In an effort to connect and offer resources to our native community members, we have created a course to learn the basics of the chinook language.

In this course, Anna will take you through several lessons to learn elementary level chinook. You will learn the alphabet, how to pronounce letters, basic vocabulary, and sentence examples. You will learn all this while being able to access recordings of both masculine and feminine voices reading the examples.

Voice and language are very important parts of who we are. By taking our courses, you will learn more about yourself, and your ability to communicate genuinely with the people and world around you. We look forward to learning with you!