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Introduction to the runes

There is no better introduction to Runes than the opening paragraph of Edred Thorsson’s FUTHARK

Tau are people who are inherently suppressed by forces of colonization. The corollary is true as well, decolonization creates our revitalization as a people. This is the awakening we see around us and revealed in great splendor in the work of Lana Wachowski. Tau say this. ‘As travelers between the worlds we have care for the living and the dead. Our work amongst the living is to bring to each the medicine uniquely theirs. Our care for the dead is to keep their voices alive amongst us’. These two things come together in our work with Runes.
So what are runes?

Runes are a lifetime study. Any summary shorter than a book is not likely to be a useful description of what they are, and the basic book in any reading list about Runes is Edred Thorsson’s FUTHARK. His opening page begins with….

” The first step in understanding rune lore is the understanding of the concept rune. A rune is not merely a letter  in a an old Germanic alphabet, but rather it bears the primary definition of ‘secret’ or ‘mysterium’. This basic meaning may be easily compared to the use of the term arcana in connection with with the Tarot. Therefore, a rune is primarily a secret, holy concept or idea that must be expressed or dealt within concealment.” 

So an essential component of 3 Mothers Medicine is that it is taught by the Tau Mystery School. The school in turn honours Knowledge Keeper Edred Thorsson in following the tradition of a secret, holy, concept taught within concealment, that is, embedded in our wider public teachings. Holy simply means it contains something that is divine, and divine simply means extremely good. If wellness is nothing else, it is extremely good. So Tau are two schools in the same place. Our intention to reflect the true, quantum nature of the universe revealed to us through our higher sciences. Publicly we refer to this as our ‘runelore’ and never more.

The Indigenous Peoples of the americas have done a much better job of preserving their lore of secret, holy things than the tradition of Reiki. Today’s public knowing of what was traditionally a secret in Reiki, the various symbols that are used, is both an essential step in its path of manifestation for us and loss on an essential component of the practice.

What we bring into the work is the return of that quality of mystery. We do this through additional power symbols that invoke the runic energies. Like all mystery schools, our housemark, shown throughout all our work, consists of our three great runes, Isa, Fehu, Kenaz. But their meanings and usage, gifted directly to us by our ancestors, are shared only with initiates.

The choice to enter as an initiate must be one that arises from each person’s heart and in no other way.

One certainly can complete the entire body of the 3 Mothers Medicine Training, but only initiates can become Wandmasters.

This is where you start.

21 in stock

Introduction to the runes

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