Takata Reiki Level Two

Tau say at our core, we are 5 very different ways of being the same
and all are true,

And so,
At our core,
We are a school of Reiki, learning together, in exchanges of knowledge, and transfer of touch, how to manifest the energies of healing.
Our direct and deceased sensei, Usui, Hayashi, Takata, and Twan stand ready to help make it be present for us.
We are in deep gratitude for this gift.
And I, ChrYs Tei, in my particular way,
honour Rebecca Hey, my sensei, who shared this energy with me.
It is the greatest of my treasures.
My truest desire is to pass this healing on to all in need.
And it is in that spirit and tradition I initiate those who join us on this path of
• gifting that which we have been given
• in the tradition of teach as you were taught
• this is where we begin.

It is the common tradition of many schools of Reiki that one is considered a practitioner when one has been initiated to use the Reiki Symbols in their practice. This is often called Second Degree as opposed to First Degree (or Level). Following the words of Takata, First heal yourself, then your family, then others, Tau teach that for the family practice of Reiki first degree is all one needs. The first initiation passes the essence of the gift.

However, when you treat others one should have been initiated into using the symbols and this is done through additional ceremonies most commonly called attunements.

Hayashi sensei, who would complete additional attunements among his students where ever he traveled put it this way. ‘It is as if one put one’s hand in a stream and stirred the gravel at the bottom. First there is a lot of sediment and ever thing is cloudy. But as one does it again and again, eventually the there is no more sediment and the stream remains clear’.

We follow his practice in this way, and when our students gather at their annual circles, the sensei among them complete one or more attunement ceremonies.

3 Mothers Medicine certificates of completion are provided at the end of the Summer Term along with the attunement ceremony where practitioners are gifted the energies of the symbols.

We practice Reiki as a school in alignment with our direct and deceased ancestors, Usui, Hayashi, Takata, and Twan. The skill of distance Reiki is essential to how we conduct this practice. Therefore, after a solid grounding in Takata Level 1 and hands on Reiki shares, at the end of the Summer Term, participants in our school of Reiki are initiated into the symbols and begin their first Winter Term of Distance Reiki.

It is in that term we begin our grounding in the wider world of Reiki with an overview of the Karuna and Jikiden schools of Reiki and the unique gifts each bring to our common heritage of Reiki practitioners.

Those who elect can also receive their additional secret Tau power symbol and return to their practice the element of mysterium missing from many modern practices of Reiki.

Join us and become a healer renowned for their skills.

Takata Reiki Level Two