Takata Reiki Level One

Tau say at our core, we are 5 very different ways of being the same
and all are true,

And so,

At our core,
We are a school of Reiki, learning together, in exchanges of knowledge, and transfer of touch, how to manifest the energies of healing.

Our direct and deceased sensei, Usui, Hayashi, Takata, and Twan stand ready to help make it be present for us.

We are in deep gratitude for this gift.

And I, ChrYs Tei, in my particular way,
honour Rebecca Hay, my sensei, who shared this energy with me.
It is the greatest of my treasures.
My truest desire is to pass this healing on to all in need.

And it is in that spirit and tradition I initiate those who join us on this path of

  • gifting that which we have been given
  • in the tradition of teach as you were taught
  • this is where we begin.

This year, Rebecca joins our circle as the direct teacher of the special qualities that reflect the life and times of the 1970’s in the NorthWest which saw the manifestation of many energies that were shaped by being present in the Northwest at the same time.

Among these was the practice of Reiki, as Hawayo Takata held and taught many classes throughout the Northwest. The children were all around the intimate gatherings in this home or that. The art and skill of Reiki learned through families caring for each other throughout their lives with touch of healing. This is where and how Rebecca Hay entered the tradition of Reiki Masters. These are strengths she brings to the tradition of our school. Looking back at the pictures of these Reiki gatherings of the 70’s is like watching the movie Woodstock. It grounds those of us who experienced similar times in that era in other parts of the NorthWest.

It activates our moments of incredible hope as well as the ones of intense sorrow, we shared in those times.

This is what Hay sensei brings to our tradition. Reiki itself in a very unaltered form, taught in a story telling format as people practice together in what are called Reiki Shares. A Reiki share is where several practitioners perform Reiki on a single person. There cannot be a better way to experience the gentleness that is center of all Reiki as well as the intense, heat and energy at the palms of your hands that is the trademark of traditional Takata Reiki.


We regard it to be an important part of touch based healing, which is the traditional form we teach at first.

The online course we provide with this is the history of Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan. Understanding the origins of Reiki helps us understand what it means that our Sensei sit forever in a special way amongst our ancestors. In a special way, throughout time and space we become one family through our practices.

But as essential as the passing along the tradition of Reiki as we were taught it, it is also a gift that must be transformed completely in the moment of giving.

Usui taught Hayashi, they both used charts for positions, but on different body areas, with a common focus on areas of treatment through byosen.

Takata only provided verbal instructions and forbade the taking of notes. Today, there are many schools. It can be confusing. We do our sorting this way.

We identify three main branches of schools and work to combine the best of all of them to grow and nourish Reiki practitioners who are renowned for their healing skills.

Join us.

Takata Reiki Level One

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