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Self - Hypnosis, your first intentional trance

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Tau define hypnosis as the intentional use of the natural, normal, state of consciousness referred to as trance. The power of suggestibility in the state of trance, which only works with the full consent of the participant, is then used to adjust our behaviours, resolve internal conflicts, and more fully connect any person to their internal resources which are the birthright of every living being. People who work in the field of hypnosis today are at the forefront in the rapidly changing world of neuroscience and psychology.

Old world psychology sees consciousness in a hierarchical framework of conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious that reflects¬† the colonial mindset it arose from. It infers that there is a ‘class’ of consciousness (the conscious mind) that works best if it learns how to subdue the other parts of self. Both Freud and Jung expressed this as a struggle.

Modern neuroscience tells us a different story, and this is the basis of the Tau Model of the Mind.

This story sounds more like one about the 30 trillion cells that make up your body, each one an independent agent of autonomy with potential for change, working (somewhat) together to accomplish that which none can achieve by themselves, homeostasis. The recommended version of this story comes from Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief”. (Provided in course materials)

All of these separate agents of autonomy are like unique villages, each with their own dialect. By maintaining their discrete dialogue, each does its task better. Stomachs digest food, eyes provide external sensory input, and brains store lessons learned from experience. But the eyes do need to communicate with the feet to keep us walking or biking or swimming in the direction and in the way that benefits everyone. There are so many of these conversations going on at the same time, and the rate of conversation is so fast, collectively it appears as instantaneous awareness. I think therefore I am, or at least I think I must be.

This story is not about some dominant form of consciousness subduing the others, but rather learning to become the universal translator between all. In this way, together each experiences better results. It is miscommunication between our cells that results in things like too many or too few white blood cells. To improve communication between the community of villages of cells requires us to first, learn a little of each dialogue and second, to slow all of it down so the self-aware part of ourselves can participate in the dialogue.

Hypnosis, simply put, is our intention to communicate with these communities within our selves, rather than just listen to the constant din of their ongoing conversation. While our goal is to become good translators for others, it begins with improving our own internal communication, that is – Self-Hypnosis.

We have looked through dozens of programs to teach the basics of hypnosis.

We find hypnotherapist Steve Burns’ course to be a comprehensive and accessible start to this part of the hypnosis segment. It is the right start for those who want to focus on the Hypnosis Educator program. We bundle it with other courses supplemented with the in person work needed to internalize the learning.

18 in stock

Self - Hypnosis, your first intentional trance

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