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Hans Kai Wellness Groups

When People work on their wellness, they will experience healing.

Group Wellness Works

One of the key teachings of our Sensei Mikao Usui is the concept of exchange of value for any Reiki treatment.

Chinuk, (chinook) our trading language of the NorthWest, expresses the same concept in the terms palach (potlatch in settler) or gift, and kʰəltəs palach, a free gift.

There is a difference between a gift with an obligation attached and a gift without an obligation attached. Simply put, people don’t value that which they give nothing in return for. This is usually told in the story of Usui and the Beggars.

The Tau say ‘When people work on their wellness, they will experience healing.

The path to healing for many of us seems to have few markers. We lose our way and struggle as a result. What we have to give in order to receive healing is our persistence, but it is not persistence in healing we need concern ourselves with, it is our persistence in maintaining our wellness. It is enough for us to simply focus on the next best thing to healing, which is wellness. It takes time and effort. It is not full of big rewards. It is what we must give in order to receive.

Few people feel great at the end of the first week getting back to the gym. For most of us we are mainly tired and sore. But after we have been through the cycle a few times, we know if we persist, it does get better. Maintaining your wellness is much like maintaining fitness.

A strategy to maintain wellness includes better markers on the path. It includes someone besides ourselves keeping us motivated in the absence of immediate gratification. Consumerism is the result of each of us not doing the work needed to make our planet well. This mindset is one that simply makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer, and we end up applying this way of seeing the world to all parts of our lives. We need the sharing with others of our common purpose to keep all of us motivated together. This group reinforcement behavioural strategy is what underlies statistically evident programs like Weight Watchers.  That motivation includes our intention to get our money’s worth.

In the Hans Kai Wellness Facilitator program, each participant learns how to promote and establish a Hans Kai group in any part of the community. Today, Hans Kai groups have included everyone from youth in high schools, to trans community members, as well as Zumba dance groups. It trains in the fundamentals that underlie all wellness programming and how to integrate those basics into the life of any group.

The Hans Kai Model of Wellness is the core of all Tau wellness work.
This course is a requisite for any of the seven educator series as well as a foundational course in the Way of the Wand.

18 in stock

Hans Kai Wellness Groups

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