Introduction to the Way of the Wand Program

The Way of the Wand program arose out of  years of work by Our_Community Health Initiative, a community-based, participatory research project developed by the partnership of the Rainbow Health Coop, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, and the University of Victoria. It was initially funded by a ‘Systems Change Investigation  grant from the Vancouver Foundation.

The program follows the Druidic and Indigenous yearly cycle of a Summer Season (7 months) and Winter Season (5 months). Each season of training begins with six days of intensive workshops (called the BaseCamp) that are then continued online between the in person workshops.

The Summer Season Basecamp is one complete week, Monday to Saturday, and the Winter Season BaseCamp are three weekends in October.

Where possible our process is to research and select existing courses already developed by experts in each area, and then bundle them together. We develop courses where we don’t find the right materials. This provides for each attendee a range of external certificates in the different areas of study, including in part certificates provided by Mental Health Commission of Canada, WorkSafe BC, FoodSafe BC, International Association of Medical and Dental Hypnotherapists, the Order of  Bards, Ovates and Druids, and HypnoBirthing International.

We simply bring all the training together in one place and assist people through the work. Beyond the workshops, practicums are part of each season where attendees host wellness events where they put their new skills into practice while at the same time completing the hours needed to ‘earn’ their next semester of training. All of the certifications require specified hours of training and practice with Hypnotherapist certification being the highest at 220 hours. In the four years, attendees complete a minimum of 392 hours of direct training and 70 hours of practicums.

While the Way of the Wand is the best process we know of to prepare people for front line delivery of services in marginalized communities beset with trauma, people are also welcome to pursue one or more areas of focus through the Educator Series. This course provides in depth information of all the options available and taking the course is the best way to understand whether or not this is the right path for you.

Introduction to the Way of the Wand Program