First Wand - Full Training Package


The 3 Mothers Medicine program is a four year, part-time, self-earned, trauma focused, training program that consists of 49 separate courses.

Our goal is to provide high quality training in a range of certifications of usable job skills.  A path into the healing arts they can work on in a consistent way over several years.

Training begins at two times each year, the Summer Camps and the Winter Camps. The Summer Camps includes a six day intensive in person training camp and the Winter Camps include three weekends. Both continue with online work and practicums in between the in person camps. This year (our first) includes eleven days of training from June 6 -17, but this will not be the case next year.  A very good reason to sign up now!

3 Mothers Medicine provides an excellent set of baseline skills for anyone considering advancing further into counselling or other healing professions. It will improve the status of anyone entering in to any of the healthcare sciences.

There are two ways to view the overall program. The Way of the Wand provides course work in each training period across the Seven Spirals of Specialty. These include Trauma Healing, Street and Camp, Reiki, Hypnosis, Wellness, Arts, and Eldership. The Educator Series are for those who want to focus on one or more of the Seven Spirals instead of all seven at the same time.

Either way, participants also have the choice of paying for programs directly or self-earning their ongoing tuition by volunteering at the New Moon Wellness Events between the training camps where they not only get a chance to practice their new skills, they also earn credits toward their ongoing training.

This first year is a great year to get started (if you don’t mind the fresh paint and a bit of disorganization). Not only are we offering more training, it is also easier to earn the credits needed to continue. Ask us about details.

First Wand - Full Training Package