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Drum Making

3 Mothers Medicine training is much more than a collection of online courses

Healing with sound is a traditional wellness practice used by people all over the world.

Some of the strongest traditions are those of the Indigenous peoples of the americas and we are blessed today by the Indigenous people who persisted through generations of colonization to carry these riches to our time and place that we too might benefit. We say thank you to the many ancestors and especially to the hearts and hands of those who continue the work today.

While it is true that anyone can copy and paste links, or download an MP3, such an approach loses the essence of keeping such knowledge, which is the process itself of  gifting these teachings and practices.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Elder and Knowledge Keeper Glenn Patterson share this part of the work with us.

Drumming after all, does require a drum, and the best drum is one made by the person who intends to use it.

Glenn leads us through a full day workshop of making our own drums set in the framework of storytelling and gifting.
Each participant completes their own drum from the materials prepared for them, ready in time for the closing circle.

Each person finishes with a drum that stays with them on the path our circle shares through the healing arts.

18 in stock

Drum Making

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