Birthing is a very complex, lengthy, and potentially draining process. You will have much to do before, during, and after the birthing process.

Birthing is a lengthy and complex process, with the preparation, event itself, and recovery afterwards.
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In a nutshell, you are learning about the process of giving birth. However, you will need and go through so much more than that as someone who gives birth. Here are some of the unique challenges and considerations that you may face:

You will learn that there is so much to know, go over, and consider. This can include anxiety about the future, techniques to ease the process, and the gender assumptions made about those that give birth, to name a few.

Anxiety about birthing

What kind of world am I bringing a child into? Will my baby be healthy? How much will giving birth hurt? How will I handle the process?

You will have a lot of questions about the process, about the child, and about yourself as you prepare to give birth in the future. It is common to have these questions and concerns, and our trainings will help you learn mindfulness to keep these anxieties under control.

Techniques for birthing

We currently offer two courses for birthing: hypnobirthing and All Gender Gentle Birthing.

Hypnobirthing teaches you ways to focus on the process of giving birth with things like mental images, repeated phrases, and deep breathing.

All Gender Gentle Birthing offers various relaxation and mindfulness techniques to ease the pain and anxiety of birthing. We offer this in a gender affirming way, so that no person is left out of the conversation!

Gender Assumptions

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Unfortunately, many people often assume that the only people that give birth and raise kids are women. However, we know that this is not the case. You deserve education about giving birth, no matter what your gender is.

Trans men, nonbinary people, and other folx of all genders are welcome to our training. You will go through a lot giving birth as it is, and you shouldn’t have to deal with your gender being disrespected too!