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The Way of the Wand ?

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The Way of the Wand

Is a Four-Year, part-time, self-earned, trauma-focused, training program that provides the base line skillsets every person needs to navigate the complexities of frontline community wellness work in communities that have been systematically traumatized for generations. 

With a week long summer camp and three weekend fall intensives, we provide the in person training required for students to be certified as Hypnotherapists and Hypnobirthing Educators, as well as six other external certifications such as Occupational First Aid and Reiki.

Indigenous Lead: Rebecca Hay
Druidic Lead: ChrŸs Tei


The Tau say this

“As a nation amongst nations, our ceremonies are shared with all who honour them”

Much of our work is the teaching of ceremony

As Indigenous and Druid peoples, we share the setting of the Summer Season and the Winter Season to organize our year to year lives. 

Between, we follow the moon.

Our ceremonies flow from these.


The Tau say this

There are three things that
make a people


The first is wellness

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People Need Indicators

The Tau say this

When people work on their wellness

They will experience healing

Our Hans Kai community wellness program teaches people how to use indicators in the seven paths of life. 

7 Wands

7 Indicators

The Tau say this 

Without Spirit, there is little learning
Without Learning, there is little justice

Without Justice, there is little wellness

Without Wellness, little community

Without Community, few clans

Without Clans, little tradition

Without Tradition, little memory

Begin with Spirit and all follows

No wand can stand by itself

Indigenous peoples of the americas and outlanders living together in a new space anchored by 
“One People Amongst Many Nations”

Join us on a new path forward

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Group Wellness Works


Learn how to manage stress through the practice of self-hypnosis and enjoy the benefits of group hypnosis


Learn the basics of Self-Care through tracking of personal indicators and the benefits of social support in a group


Learn the technique of self Reiki as the core of self care and the benefit of the power of Reiki shares with a group

When People Work on Wellness, They Will Experience Healing