Hans Kai

Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Program

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Hans Kai

Is a group wellness program that covers seven areas of life: 

  • Indicators
  • Changes
  • Family
  • Selfcare
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Balance

Instructors: ChrŸs Tei, Caprice Kehler


Hans Kai uses the concept of Indicators to provide feedback to participants.

In the same way we can track the social determinants of wellness, such as the number of doctors per 1000 people, each person can track their personal wellness indicators

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Personal Wellness Indicators

Blood pressure is the example we use to illustrate this concept.

Optimum blood pressure is 120/80.

The further one’s blood pressure is from the optimal is an indicator of how much we need to pay attention to managing it. 

7 Areas of Life

7 Indicators

The concept of Indicators can be adapted to any aspect of wellness, such as Gender Wellness. 

An example of this is intensely living a very specific social gender role to manage the experience of gender dissonance, such as Kirsten Beck in her career as a Navy Seal.

Managing Gender Wellness for trans, Two-Spirit, nonbinary people is simply more complicated that it is for cis people and we need to learn to take the time required to deal with it, just as a diabetic needs to spend more time managing their condition.

Hans Kai focuses on the foundation of the pyramid of care, not the peak

Hans Kai focuses our attention on our self-care to improve the outcomes of the rest of our healthcare.

The 20/80 Rule

Pareto’s Law states that 80% of results comes from 20% of effort and is used as a prompt to focus attention on ‘high leverage activities’. In example, spending an hour organizing your weekly schedule will yield better time management for the entire week. 

What gets lost in this focus is the other side of the coin, that is the other 80% of our effort to accomplish the remaining 20%. 

Our self care is often part of this 80% and we need support to maintain our persistence. 

As social animals, the best place to find this support is in a group.

Group Wellness Works

20 80 rule

Social reinforcement keeps us on track

Group Wellness Works


Learn how to manage stress through the practice of self-hypnosis and enjoy the benefits of group hypnosis


Learn the basics of Self-Care through tracking of personal indicators and the benefits of social reinforcement


Learn the technique of self Reiki as the core of self care and the benefit of the power of Reiki shares with a group

When People Work on Wellness, They Will Experience Healing